Git Bare Repository

Assume programmer A already have a Working Directory at //serverA/share/proj, and programmer B want to help. A bare reposittory shold be created at //serverB/share by:

git clone --bare //serverA/share/proj

there will be just a folder – proj.git. Now programmer B can get a fresh copy of his own by:

git clone //serverB/share/proj.git

When he finished a few commits, try:

git push //serverB/share/proj.git master

Then programmer A can have the changes by:

git pull //serverB/share/proj.git

The need for a bare repository is due to git rejects any pushing to a non-bare work tree by default. That rule can be overrided by changing config of receive.denyCurrentBranch, but pushing directly to a checked out work tree still feel like tricky.



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